JAINA was established in 1981 with the blessings of Acharya Sushil Kumarji and Gurudev Chitrabhanuji. JAINA has grown from its initial membership of four Jain centers to sixty seven centers at present, representing over 125,000 Jains. JAINA is the only organization representing all the Jains in North America irrespective of their languages, regions and traditions. It has provided a forum to foster friendship and unity among all Jains of North America.


  • To promote religious and educational activities related to Jainism and to develop better understanding of the Jain religion.
  • To assist existing Jain associations and promote formation of new Jain associations throughout North America.
  • To provide and promote academic and cultural interchanges and cooperation among Jains in North America, India and other countries around the globe.
  • To assist and promote charitable and humanitarian community services in North America, India and throughout the world.
  • To promote vegetarianism and non-violence.
  • To assist in the establishment of Jain Temples, Sthanaks, Pathshalas and other facilities for carrying on Jain activities.
  • To establish liaison with governmental and other agencies in pursuance of the above objectives.


There are over 70 organizations under the JAINA umbrella. Each organization, based on their membership size appoints 1, 2, or 3 Directors. There are 110 JAINA Directors who elect the JAINA Executive Committee every two years. Also there are over 30 specialized working groups called JAINA Committees. For more information – Please visit www.jaina.org


YOUNG JAINS OF AMERICA (YJA): Started in 1991 with a mission to establish a network to share Jain heritage and religion through young people. Today YJA has grown into an organization representing over 2,500 Jain Youths nationwide from the age of 14 - 29. Under JAINA's guidance, YJA is dedicated towards educating the leaders of tomorrow. Go to yja.org to learn more. The previous YJA Convention took place in Washington, DC in July 2014 with over 850 Attendees and Volunteers. The next YJA Convention will be held in July 2016 in Los Angeles, California. To learn more, go to www.yja.org or email at chairs@yja.org. Co-Chair: Puja Savla - puja.savla@yja.org - (818) 626-6451 and Sunny Dharod - sunny.dharod@yja.org-(913) 284-6435.

YOUNG JAIN PROFESSIONALS (YJP): Young Jain Professionals (YJP) is an organization focused on increasing awareness and understanding of Jain principles and heritage. The organization is mainly for young Jain professionals between the ages of 24 - 42. They focus primarily on professional development & networking events, spiritual development and community service initiatives to promote advancement in the community. Please visit us on Facebook to see our events across North America and visit yjp.jaina.org or email at yjpchairs@yjp.jaina.org for more information.
Co-Chairs: Purvin Vakharwala - (404) 409-0945 and Neal Daftary - (469) 744-2334


JAINA CALENDAR & MINI LIBRARY: The annual Calendar has elevated JAINA's image as an institution working to preserve and promote the Jain heritage and ancient culture in the Western world. Every year it freely distributes over 15,000 copies of the Calendar and makes the JAINA Mini Library Book Set available to every Jain household in North America. To learn more about the Calendar Committee and how you can contribute, go to jaina.org/calendarcommittee. To view all previous JAINA Calendars online please visit www.jainatemples.org. Thanks to all the JAINA Calendar Sponsors and Members for the wholehearted support.
Chairperson: Rajeev Pandya - jainacalendar@gmail.com - (718) 816-0083.

JAIN DIGEST: Is published quarterly and emailed to more than 14,500 Jain families in North America and worldwide. Jain Digest communicates the activities of JAINA and Jain Centers in North America. It aims to put together in-depth articles of Jainism and spiritually related topics. Donation of $201 is requested for Life Membership. Issues can be viewed online at jaina.org/jaindigest. To receive your digital copy or to make any changes in your email address, please Contact JAINA HQ at (510) 730-0204.
Editor: Mahesh Wadher - mahesh.wadher@gmail.com - (909) 376-4027.

WWW.JAINA.ORG: This updated website of JAINA is an excellent source to learn more about JAINA's current events and resources, and connect with fellow Jains from around the world. All Jains are encouraged to become members at www.jaina.org FREE of cost.
Chairperson: Chandrakant Vora - chandra.vora@gmail.com - (508) 393-2490.


ACADEMIC LIAISON: To promote programs and studies in Jain Philosophy at Academic Institutions in North America and to establish relations with them to promote the principles and awareness of Jainism. Through ISSJS hundreds of students in college and graduate school as well as teachers and professors in academia have travelled to India for Summer Studies in Jainism. Visit www.isjs.in for more information.
Chairperson: Sulekh Jain - scjain@earthlink.net - (281) 494-7656.

ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP: The Academic Scholarship Committee provides support for any bright, hard-working, goal-oriented, practicing Jain youth in North America to be able to afford to attend an institution of higher learning where they can develop their skills and talents, and eventually make the community, country and world a better place. This committee has created the JAINA Academic Scholarship Program (JASP) which has provided numerous need-based scholarships for high school seniors in North America. To learn more please go to www.jaina.org/jasp.
Chairperson: Udai Jain - scholarship@jaina.org - (281) 980-0741.

AHIMSAK ECO-VEGAN: The Ahimsak Eco-Vegan committee, as an expression of ahimsa, supports the reduction and elimination of activities contributing to harm to living beings, global climate change and destruction of the planet. We support veganism as abstinence from eating, wearing, and using animal products such as meat, eggs, dairy products, honey, leather, and silk and do not support products that are marketed as "humane". To learn more please see www.jaina.org/ahimsakecovegan and www.veganjains.com.
Chairperson: Jina Shah - jina.shah@gmail.com - (650) 296-3197.

AWARDS: The Awards Committee is responsible for providing the JAINA Recognition Awards during each JAINA Convention for candidates who have provided a significant contribution to the Jain Community. There are three types of awards that are provided: JAINA Ratna (Lifetime Achievement) Award (1), JAINA Recognition award for Adults (10), and JAINA Recognition award for Youth (5). The criteria include contributions to their local Jain centers as well as to JAINA. To learn more about the awards committee please visit jaina.org/awards.
Chairperson: Nitin Shah - nitinshahmd@gmail.com - (562) 244-9035.

CONSTITUTION: Is responsible and accountable for revisions of the JAINA Constitution and to ensure that other Jain Sanghs abide to the By-Laws instituted in the JAINA Constitution. This committee plays a key role in the governance of JAINA and Jain Sanghs across North America.
Chairperson: Dilip Shah - dilipvshah@gmail.com - (215) 868-0381.

CONVENTION: Is responsible for creating biennial conventions. Since 1981, JAINA Conventions have become a unique socio-religious event for the entire Jain community of North America. Our Jain Monks, Bhattaraks, Scholars, and Dignitaries from all over have graced these occasions. The 18th JAINA Biennial Convention took place in Atlanta, GA- with the theme “Jainism: World of Non-violence”. The 19th JAINA Biennial convention will be held in July 2017.
Convention Convener: Gunvant Shah - profgaryshah@gmail.com - (732) 331-5082.

EDUCATION: Provides Jain religious education and educational materials to Jain children, youths, and adults by conducting classes, workshop, seminars, and lectures at various Jain centers in North America and other countries. Prepares Jain Educational material for children, youth, and adults of North America. We also provide a medium for interactions among pathshala teachers of North America. The three main initiatives under the JAINA Education Committee are the publications of JAINA Education Pathshala Books, the coordination of the Jain Academic Bowl (JAB) Competitions, and the creation of Jain Elibrary. To learn more, go to www.jaina.org/education.
Chairperson: Pravin K. Shah - jainaedu@gmail.com - (919) 859-4994.

ELECTION: Is responsible for facilitating the election process of JAINA’s Executive Committee biennially. As part of the election process, this committee ensures that all Jain Sanghs’ are accurately represented into the voting process.
Chairperson: Anop Vora - vora6000@gmail.com - (585) 473-9290

FUNDRAISING: Our goal is to make JAINA financially stronger to better serve the Jain community in North America and abroad. It supports JAINA committees to promote the Jain way of life in North America, and allows the Jain community to serve the wider world. It is working to reach out and connect with Jain’s and non-Jains to inspire them to support JAINA and its activities. Funds are requested to support JAINA’s many projects. We encourage everyone to contribute generously.
Chairperson: Hemant Shah - hshah1@sbcglobal.net - (248) 888-8181.

GOVERNMENT & INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: This committee is successfully maintaining its relations at various levels with national and international governments including United Nation to help Jain community and JAINA. It is working to foster interaction and dialogue with other Jain Organizations throughout the world.
Chairperson: Pinal Mazumdar - blessedjainova@gmail.com - (703) 984-9075.

INTERFAITH: On an international level we have participated with Religions for Peace - International, Parliament of World Religions, World Jain Confederation, United Nations and the Roman Catholic Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. On the national level we participate with RFP - USA, Intersection International, NCCI Calendar and others. Locally, our committee members reach out extensively with interfaith and multifaith organizations on a regular basis as well as on occasions like prayer services on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Thanksgiving Day, International Day of Peace and Human Rights Day. Visit jaina.org/interfaith to learn more.
Chairperson: Arvind Vora - avora@optonline.net - (631) 269-1167.

JAIN CENTER LIAISON: Our mission is to connect JAINA and all the Jain Centers in North America to strengthen the bonds between the two, and support local Jain centers. We have arranged meetings among local Jain center presidents and directors to share experiences, share ideas, and learn from each other. These were met with overwhelming enthusiasm from several Jain Center officers at the JAINA Conventions in Houston, Detroit in 2015 in Atlanta. In between JAINA Conventions, we have also had several teleconferences. This has allowed us to strengthen the ties between JAINA and local centers.
Chairperson: Jayesh Shah - jayeshshahmd@gmail.com - (626) 357-9888.

JAIN DIASPORA: Jain Diaspora is the JAINA initiative to connect all the Jain communities living in 36 countries outside of India and thereby drive greater unity and cohesiveness in the global Jain community. JAINA feels the time is ripe for overseas Jain communities worldwide to better leverage our common identity, views and lifestyles by reaching out across borders and continents. The Jain Diaspora Conference (JDC) was held during the past JAINA Conventions.
Chairperson: Manish Mehta - manimehta@gmail.com - (734) 668-0348.

JAIN MILAN: Jain Milan is an opportunity for Jain youths (age 21 and older) throughout North America and around the world to meet in person, to make friends, to engage in networking, to develop business contacts and to possibly find a life partner. Jain Milan believes in Jain family values and is working hard from last ten years to preserve these values. With Jain Milan, we hope to achieve our goal to preserve Jain traditions and values in our next generation and strengthen our community. In last ten years more than a thousand youths from all over the world have participated. The last Jain Milan was organized at the 2015 JAINA Convention in Atlanta, GA. Visit www.jainmilan.org or www.jaina.org (matrimonial) for further information.
Chairperson: Purvin Vakharwala - purvin@gmail.com - (732) 253-7049.

JAINA HEADQUARTERS: Responsible for JAINA Office activities, coordination between JAINA's Executive committee and local Jain Sangh leaders, as well as communication with JAINA Committee Chairs and Project Leaders. This currently comprises of the JAINA Manager and our team of dedicated volunteers, part of the JAINA Volunteer Corps (JVC).
JAINA Manager: (510) 730-0204.

JIVDAYA: Following principle of “Live & Let Live”, Non-violence & Ahimsa are promoted. From generous donations of fellow Jains, animals in various Panjarapoles in India and USA are provided with food, shelter & medical needs and animal are saved from slaughter houses. More information is available at Jaina.org/Jivdaya.
Chairperson: Rita Sheth - jivdaya@gmail.com - (918) 398-6023.

LOAN PROGRAM: Creates financial offerings to benefit the Jain Community. We will be offering a number of resources of youth and families, as we look towards 2016, we will be providing over $150,000 through our education loan program and explore ways to bring interest free loans for family assistance programs for Jains in North America.
Chairperson: Soha Shah - sohashah@gmail.com - (947) 248-3906

LONG RANGE PLANNING: The Long Range Planning (LRP) Committee, a 12 member Standing Committee of JAINA, is organized under Article V, Section 5 of JAINA’s Charter. With a vision to “Live and Share a Jain Way of Life”, the objective of LRP Committee is to establish long-range, 10-20 years, plans for North American Jains and JAINA. In this regard, the Committee develops and executes short-term as well as long-term goals. The Committee supports and guides JAINA in infrastructure development and operational strategies. LRP Committee creates opportunities for leadership development, assists JAINA EC and Board of Directors by being a custodian of certain tasks, and acts as an incubator facility for launching new initiatives and the roll out of JAINA projects.
Chairperson: Dipak Doshi - dipakginni@gmail.com - (847) 420-9025.

MEDIA PRODUCTION: The Media Productions Committee creates high quality Jain media programs. It showcases the Jain way of life and Jains of North America, with special platform given to our youths. Mangalam TV Show was launched over 8 years back and is broadcast on TV and available on the Internet. More than 15,000 people are watching the show from 51 countries around the world. Upcoming programs will feature Jain Principles and introspection about various issues related to the Jain Community. To learn more go to www.jaina.org/mediaproduction or www.mangalamshow.com.
Chairperson: Mamta Shaha - mamta.shaha@gmail.com - (516) 487-1852.

MEMBERSHIP: Is responsible for the membership of Jain Sanghs as part of the JAINA, which is the Federation of Jain Sanghs in North America. In this regard, the Committee ensures that new community centers, temples, and sanghs comply with JAINA's constitution.
Chairperson: Haresh Shah - harryshah2000@hotmail.com - (302) 740-9232.

PATRON PROGRAM: This program was initiated in 1997 to enable JAINA to meet its essential expenses. With an expense of about $100,000 yearly to maintain a headquarter, continue the publication of Jain Digest and other such activities, it is imperative for all of us to become JAINA PATRON with an annual contribution of $251 or become Grand Patron for Life by contributing $5,000.
Chairperson: Udai Jain - udaijn@yahoo.com - (281) 980-0741.

PUBLIC RELATIONS & MEDIA: This committee is engaged in developing media package, define protocol for communications and responsible for branding and publicity for JAINA. Launched "Live & Help Live" with community up-liftment, Student Loan program and Scholarship program.
Chairperson: Hemant Shah - hemantil@yahoo.com - (630) 933-8311.

TECHNOLOGY: To develop, operate, and maintain the Information Technology infrastructure for JAINA, JAINA Committees, Jain Centers, and Jain Community members. The scope includes JAINA web portal, JAINA Mailing List, Convention registration systems, Jain Networking Function, group emails, online payment and donation processing, domain name registration & maintenance, internet-based meeting facility, telephone conferencing, member blogs, and social media platforms.
Chairperson: Chandrakant Vora - chandra.vora@gmail.com - (408) 378-8765.

UPLIFTING UNDERPRIVILEGED JAINS: Assist economically challenged Jain families to come out of poverty through quality education, vocational and skill enhancement training leading to higher paying jobs. In 2013 - 2015, your generous support has made significant difference in management at schools affecting nearly 1,000 children. In addition over 110 students have directly benefited from this program.
Chairperson: Sushil Jain - skjain99@gmail.com - (240) 277-3039.

VIRTUAL TEMPLE TOUR: Provides free support to Jain Centers for creating virtual tours for their temples using Google Virtual Tour. This allows website visitors to view your temple with 360° inside view. Jain Center of Northern California, Jain Center of Southern California and Jain Center of America, NY among others have online virtual tours.
Co-ordinator: Umang Vashi - umang.vashi@msistone.com - (562) 483-3065.

V. R. GANDHI: To promote and encourage studies in Jainism and to spread the message of V.R. Gandhi. They have created a number of projects to honor the legacy of Virchand Raghavji Gandhi including the creation of a commemorative V.R. Gandhi Stamp and the establishment of the V.R. Gandhi Scholarship Fund which awards need-based scholarships to students pursuing higher education in Jain philosophy, literature and scriptures at recognized universities and institutions. To learn more about the V.R.G. Committee, go to jaina.com/virchandgandhi. Chairperson: Nitin Shah - nitinshahmd@gmail.com - (562) 244-9035.

WELLNESS: To support Jain Centers and societies who have an interest in helping with the wellness of their members and local community. Provide an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and living a long and healthy life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases. To educate the community about “Healthy Living”, and increase awareness of possible treatment options and assist those that may need help with any medical conditions. Chairperson: Nitin Shah - nitinshahmd@gmail.com - (562) 244-9035.

WORLD COMMUNITY SERVICES (WCS): To provide humanitarian services all around the world. WCS aims to provide medical services to disadvantaged and poor people while also being at the forefront of emergency situations such as earthquakes, famine, floods and hurricanes, among other scenarios. The WCS has helped over 65 Humanitarian Projects Worldwide. WCS sponsored a computer lab in IS 2 Egbert Intermediate School in Staten Island, NY after the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. After the devastating June 2013 Uttarakhand Floods and the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, WCS donated over $100k for relief efforts. Go to jaina.org/wcs to learn more about our initiatives. Chairperson: Prakash Mehta - pmehta@psiint.com - (703) 621-5840.

WORLD PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONS: This committee is created to represent Jainism in World Parliament of Religions and foster engagement with other religions to achieve a peaceful and sustainable world. Chairperson: Kirit Daftary - kcdaftary@gmail.com - (254) 756-3200.

YATRA: We successfully finished 99 yatra to Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth, Palitana, India from Nov 10, 2011 to Jan 9, 2012. This was first time in the history that JAINA had organized this yatra from USA to India. Participating in this unique and historic opportunity is a once in a lifetime event for Jains across North America. We are once again organizing the trip in 2016 - 2017. The Tentative dates for this upcoming trip are November 14, 2016 through January 13, 2017. To learn more visit www.jaina.org/99yatra. Chairperson: Arvind R. Shah - ashah_1941@yahoo.com- (248) 835-7395.
For various other important committees, please refer to the back of this JAINA Calendar or to the JAINA Website at www.jaina.org.

Jai Jinendra
Rajeev Pandya
JAINA Calendar and Mini Library Committee.


JAINA has eighteen active projects, and the number continues to grow. These national and international projects are run by dedicated project leaders and volunteers, who work daily and weekly with JAINA in addition to their own businesses and professional lives. Each initiative takes action on Jain principles. The projects listed here further JAINA’s vision to support communities of Jains in North America and promote the Jain way of life for future generations.

Jain Youth Exchange Program (JYEP): JAINA in collaboration with JITO Ahmedabad is proud to present the Jain Youth Exchange Program. JYEP intends to provide young students with the opportunity to meet people from USA & India to experience new cultures, planting the seeds for a lifetime of international understanding. The inaugural JYEP Program took 12 students from India to USA for 3 weeks in July 2015 and will send 12 students from USA to India in Jan 2016.
Contact Prem Jain at jyep@jaina.org or visit jaina.org/jyep for more info.

College and University-Based Centers for Jain Studies: A growing number of North American institutions that focus on the study of Jainism are offering open discourse and practical applications of Jain teachings in today’s world.
Contact Sulekh Jain at scjain@earthlink.net for more information.

Education Pathshala Books: We have 8 Pathshala text books and 6 reference books published. These books are used by about 3,500 Pathshala students across North America. You can purchase these books using the following link: www.jainlibrary.org/shopping/select_destination.php

High School Teachers’ Non-Violence Summer Immersion Program: This innovative program sends high school teachers to various parts of India where they practice Jain principles while exploring the benefits of living a non-violent lifestyle.
Contact Laura Hirshfield at lgh722@gmail.com for more information.

Jain Academic Bowl (JAB) Competitions: We have hosted JAB for JAINA and YJA Conventions. During the last YJA convention 50 youth participated in the program. During the previous JAINA Convention, 16 teams (80 youths) participated in the program. Contact Pravin Shah at jainaedu@gmail.com for more information.

Jain eLibrary: The Jain eLibrary website (www.jainelibrary.org) now contains more than 14,000 books, Articles, and few audio ritual files. In the past five years, more than 28,000 people have registered to use Jain elibrary. Over 300,000 books and articles have been downloaded. The total number of visitors has exceeded 1,000,000.
Contact Pravin Shah at jainaedu@gmail.com for more information.

Jain Leadership Fellow Program: This is a new initiative by JAINA's Long Range Planning Committee. Selected applicants will have the opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills while making a significant impact for the Jain community.
Contact fellowsprogram@jaina.org for more information.

Jain Mentorship Program (JMP): JMP helps foster mentor-mentee relationships among different age groups to reinforce our shared values, strengthening professional, social and religious networks.
Visit jaina.org/mentorship or contact Kushbu Vora at kushbu.vora@jaina.org for more information.

Jain Way of Life (JWOL) Book: JAINA will be revising Yogendra Jain’s Jain Way of Life, a contemporary handbook of Jainism and its principles. Purchase a copy today at jaina.org/jwolbook from our online bookstore.
For more information, contact Yogendra Jain at yogendra.jain@jaina.org

JAINA Academic Scholarship Program (JASP): JAINA’s scholarship program helps disadvantaged students defray the cost of their higher education. JAINA plans to increase the number of $1,500 scholarships offered to deserving individuals from 10 to 20.
Visit jaina.org/scholarship or contact Mehool Kakabalia at scholarship@jaina.org for more information.

JAINA Community Portal: The jaina.org website provides members of JAINA with a way to connect and find out information about the community. The website and its administrative backend are currently being revamped. Take advantage of the portal’s new and improved features to continue connecting with other Jains.
Register for FREE on www.jaina.org to receive our weekly eblast, news, connect with others, and much more…

JAINA Internships: The JAINA Legislative Internship (JALI) in Washington D.C. builds leadership skills while collaborating with the American Jewish Committee to improve Jain-Jewish relations.
Visit jaina.org/jali or contact Chirag Shah at shah.chiragk@gmail.com for more information.

JAINA Writers Circle: JAINA has its own blog about Jain Perspectives on The Huffington Post. The Writers Circle creates and edits articles for this blog and other publications. Its aim is to increase awareness and understanding of Jainism and its values.
Visit jaina.org/writerscircle or contact Priyal Gandhi at priyal.gandhi@jaina.org for more information.

JAINA Management Office: To serve North American Jains better, JAINA is planning to have its own office facilities by 2020. A full-time manager, volunteers and interns are working hard to coordinate JAINA’s committees and projects in order to make this happen.
Contact jainahq@jaina.org by email or call (510) 730-0204 for more info.

Jainism and College: Written by Sonali Vakharia, this is a handbook to support high school students get through college happily, safely, successfully and in the most Jain and sane way possible.

Mahavira: A Compassionate Hero Children's Book: Written by Dr. Manoj Jain and illustrated by world-renowned illustrator Demi, JAINA is proud to announce the release of Wisdom Tales’ new book about Mahavira.
Visit jaina.org/mahavirabook or contact Dr. Manoj Jain at mjainmd1@gmail.com for more information.

Mangalam Jain Television Show: Mangalam is the world's first television program dedicated to Jainism and Jain life. The show has been running on several networks and online since 2008.
Visit jaina.org/mangalam or contact Dr. Mamta Shaha at mamta.shaha@gmail.com for more information.

Plant-Based Meal Initiative: The Healthy School Meals Act is designed to help schools offer healthy, plant-based vegetarian meals. Learn more about JAINA’s continued efforts to spread vegetarianism across the nation at jaina.org/healthymeals.
Contact Dr. Sushil Jain at sushil.jain@jaina.org for more information.

To learn more or to create a project, email your thoughts or project ideas to the JAINA office at info@jaina.org, or go to www.jaina.org/launchyourproject


Title Sal First Last City ST Phone #
President Mr.  Ashok Domadia Fremont CA 510-364-7939
Past President Mr.  Prem Jain Fremont CA 510-770-0503
First Vice President Mr. Gunvant Shah North Brunswick NJ 732-253-7049
Secretary Mrs. Shobha Vora San Jose CA 408-833-8822
Treasurer Mrs. Rita Sheth Tulsa OK 918-398-6024
V.P. – Canada Dr. Raj Patil Toronto ON 905-792-8655
V.P. – West Mr. Mahesh Wadher Corona CA 909-376-4027
V.P. – Southwest Mr. Pradeep Shah Dallas TX 214-621-8762
V.P. – Southeast Mr. Rajendra Mehta Longwood FL 407-376-1073
V.P. – Midwest Mr. Hemant Shah Carol Stream IL 847-977-5462
V.P. – Northeast Dr. Mamta Shaha Kings Point NY 516-410-8589
V.P. – Mideast Mr. Prakash Mehta Oak Hill VA 571-331-1851


# Committee SAL First Last City ST Phone #
1 Academic Liaison Dr.  Sulekh Jain Sugar Land TX 281-494-7656
2 Academic Scholarship Mr. Udai Jain Sugar Land TX 281-980-0741
3 Ahimsak Eco-Vegan Dr. Jina Shah Berkeley CA 650-296-3197
4 Awards Dr. Nitin Shah Long Beach CA 562-244-9035
5 Calendar & Mini Library Mr. Rajeev Pandya Staten Island NY 718-816-0083
6 Constitution Mr. Dilip Shah Philadelphia PA 215-868-0381
7 Convention Mr. Gunvant Shah North Brunswick NJ 732-253-7049
8 Education Mr. Pravin K. Shah Raleigh NC 919-859-4994
9 Election Mr. Anop Vora Rochester NY 585-473-9290
10 Fundraising Mr. Hemant Shah Detroit MI 248-888-8181
11 Governmental & International Organizations Ms. Pinal Majumdar Fairfax VA 703-984-9075
12 Interfaith Mr. Arvind Vora Kings Park NY 631-269-1167
13 Jain Center Liaison Dr. Jayesh Shah Monrovia CA 626-357-9888
14 Jain Diaspora Dr. Manish Mehta Ann Arbor MI 734-668-0348
15 Jain Digest Mr. Mahesh Wadher Corona CA 909-376-4027
16 Jain Milan Mr. Purvin Vakharwala Johns Creek GA 732-253-7049
17 Jivdaya Ms. Rita Sheth Tulsa OK 918-398-6023
18 Loan Program Ms. Soha Shah Columbus OH 947-248-3906
19 Long Range Planning Mr. Dipak Doshi Long Grove IL 847-420-9025
20 Media Production Dr. Mamta Shaha Kings Point NY 516-410-8589
21 Membership Mr. Haresh Shah Wilmington DE 302-475-2672
22 Public Relations & Media Mr. Hemant Shah Carol Stream IL 630-933-8311
23 Technology Mr. Chandrakant Vora Campbell MA 408-378-8765
24 Uplifting Underprivileged Jains Dr. Sushil Jain Dunn Loring VA 240-277-3039
25 V.R.Gandhi Dr. Nitin Shah Long Beach CA 562-244-9035
26 Wellness Committee Dr. Nitin Shah Long Beach CA 562-244-9035
27 World Community Service Mr. Prakash Mehta Oak Hill VA 703-621-5840
28 World Parliament of Religions Mr. Kirit Daftary Waco TX 254-756-3200
29 Yatra Mr. Arvind Shah Troy MI 248-835-7395
30 Young Jains of America Ms. Puja Savla Los Angeles CA 818-626-6451
    Mr. Sunny Dharod Lenexa KS 913-284-6435
31 Young Jain Professionals Mr. Purvin Vakharwala Atlanta GA 404-409-0945
    Mr. Neal Daftary Plano TX 469-744-2334


# Organization SAL First Last City ST Phone #
1 Jain Society of Alberta Mr. Jasvant Mehta Edmonton AB 780-435-9070
2 Jain Center of Greater Phoenix Dr. Rajesh Daulat Phoenix AZ 623-696-6946
3 Jain Center of British Columbia Mr. Vijay Jain Burnaby BC 604-525-0520
4* Jain Center of S. California - Los Angeles Mr. Virendra Shah Buena Park CA 310-326-5685
5 Jain Center of Greater Sacramento Ms. Kalpana Shah Elk Grove CA 916-761-2137
6* Jain Center of Northern California Mr. Kamlesh Mehta Milpitas CA 408-839-8996
7 Jain Society of San Diego Mr. Manish Shah Vista CA 858-248-0934
8 Jain Center of Colorado Mr. Dhiraj Soni Arvada CO 303-741-8118
9 Jain Center of Connecticut Mrs. Jayanti Maru Brookfield CT 203-849-8162
10 Jain Center of Greater Hartford Mrs. Malti Jain Storrs CT 860-487-0607
11 Delaware Jain Sangh Mr. Deepak Nagda Newark DE 302-239-2950
12 Jain Society of Central Florida Mr. Ketu Sheth Altamonte Springs FL 386-871-5455
13 Jain Center of Ft. Myers Mr. Mahendra Mehta Fort Myers FL 239-561-2731
14 Jain Association of Northeast Florida Mrs. Dipali Shah Jacksonville FL 904-268-7631
15 Shree Mahavir Jain Sangh Mr. Mahesh Shah Panama City Beach FL 850-960-8595
16 Jain Society Inc. of Tampa Bay Mrs. Kini Shah Tampa FL 813-503-0715
17 Jain Assoc. of Palm Beach & Treasure Cst Mr. Dilip Mehta Wellington FL 561-793-3564
18 Jain Center of South Florida Mr. Lax Mehta Weston FL 954-432-5316
19 Augusta Jain Community Mr. Ashok Shah Martinez GA 706-855-8147
20 Jain Society of Greater Atlanta Mr. Sameer Shah Norcross GA 770-807-6187
21* Jain Society of Metro Chicago Mr. Tejas Shah Bartlett IL 847-306-9292
22 Jain Association of Kansas City Mr. Mehul Vora Shwanee Mission KS 913-383-2293
23 Jain Society of Southern Louisiana Mr. Santosh Shah Harvey LA 504-394-1586
24 Jain Center of Greater Boston Mrs. Arti Mehta Norwood MA 781-793-0687
25 Jain Society of Metro Washington Mr. Paresh Shah Silver Spring MD 571-357-5769
26 Jain Society of Greater Lansing Mr. Navin Jain East Lansing MI 517-347-4168
27* Jain Society of Greater Detroit Mr. Jinansh Shah Farmington Hills MI 248-252-5958
28 Jain Center of Minnesota Mr. Rajeev Jain St. Paul MN 952-402-0543
29 Jain Center of Greater St. Louis Mr. Hemal Sanghavi Manchester MO 636-922-3818
30 Jain Center of Greater Charlotte Mr. Vibhakar Modi Charlotte NC 704-717-8481
31 Jain Study Center of N. Carolina - Raleigh Mr. Anand Shah Raleigh NC 919-678-9475
32 International Jain Sangh Mr. Alok Jain Martinsville NJ 732-302-0668
33* Jain Sangh of N.J. - Cherry Hill Mr. Sanjay Shah Pennsauken NJ 856-912-0823
34 Jain Sangh of Atlantic City Ms. Kundan Ghelani Pomona NJ 609-748-0032
35* Jain Center of N.J. - Franklin Township Mr. Jigar Shah Somerset NJ 201-653-6471
36 Jain Society of Las Vegas Mr. Kirti Shah Las Vegas NV 702-364-2630
37 Jain Community of Buffalo Mrs. Hansa Bhayani Grand Island NY 716-433-8533
38 Jain Association of Elmira Mr. Bhupendra Shah Horseheads NY 607-739-3374
39 Jain Society of Capitol District - Albany Dr. Banshi Mehta Latham NY 518-725-1985
40 Jain Center of Syracuse Mrs. Manda Turakhia Liverpool NY 315-303-5333
41 Jain Society of Rochester Mr. Vinod Singhi Macedon NY 585-415-8324
42* Jain Center of America - NY Mr. Nitin Ajmera Queens NY 516-849-1929
43 Greater Binghamton Jain Sangh Mr. Rohit Doshi Vestal NY 607-754-6010
44 Jain Sangh of Hudson Valley Mr. Ramesh Shah Wappingers Falls NY 845-223-3309
45 Jain Center of Cincinnati / Dayton Mr. Anand Chordia Cincinnati OH 937-291-0909
46 Jain Center of Central Ohio - Columbus Mr. Bhavin Shah Mansfield OH 513-290-7424
47 Jain Society of Greater Cleveland Mrs. Nipa Turakhia N. Royalton OH 440-526-5807
48 Jain Center of Toledo Mrs. Lalitha Jain Sylvania OH 419-843-5369
49 Tulsa Jain Sangh Mrs. Jashmina Mehta Bixby OK 580-378-2139
50 Jain Association of Ottawa - Carleton Mr. Jagmohan Humar Ottawa ON 613-736-0783
51 Jain Samaj of Niagara Falls - Canada Mr. Kamal Jain St. Catharines ON 905-735-6194
52* Jain Society of Toronto Mrs. Hema Shah Toronto ON 905-738-8445
53 Jain Society of Oregon Mr. Sandeep Jain Portland OR 503-217-4070
54 Jain Center of Allentown Mr. Rashmi Sheth Allentown PA 610-868-1231
55 Samarpan Jain Sangh Mr. Devendra Peer Huntingdon Valley PA 215-947-9083
56 Jain Society of Pittsburgh Mr. Dipen Shah Monroeville PA 724-325-1291
57 Jain Center of South Central PA Mrs. Hansa K Jasani Philadelphia PA 717-671-4875
58 Phila. Jain Sangh of Samarpan Temple Mr. Mahendra Shah Philadelphia PA 609-890-2809
59 Samarpan Jain Sangh - Hindu Temple Mrs. Sonya Marfatia Philadelphia PA 215-343-8190
60 Montreal Jain Association Mr. Dev Jain St. Laurent QC 450-443-1890
61 Jain Society of Middle Tennessee Mrs. Deepa Shah Clarksville TN 931-358-5453
62 Jain Society of Greater Memphis Mr. Surendra Ajmera Memphis TN 901-757-4948
63* Jain Society of Houston Mr. Jayesh Sanghvi Houston TX 832-437-4411
64 Jain Society of N. Texas / Dallas Mr. Naresh Ghiya Richardson TX 972-359-1863
65 Jain Temple of Virginia Ms. Pinal Mazumdar Chantilly VA 703-984-9075
66 Richmond Jain Society of Virginia Mr. Navin Sheth Glenn Allen VA 804-364-1428
67 Jain Religion Center of Wisconsin Mr. Kamal Shah Pewaukee WI 262-242-4827
* Major Sanghs