The JAINA Calendar & Mini Library Committee was formed in 1999 under the auspices of JAINA. We introduced the first JAINA Calendar in the year 2000. The Goal of the JAINA Calendar & Mini Library Committee was to produce a well made Calendar that would be freely distributed to all the JAINA Members through-out North America & other parts of the world.

The first JAINA 2000 Calendar was distributed to over 8,500 Families. Since the Year 2000 to 2015, the JAINA Calendar Committee has distributed over 200,000 Calendars and received over $1,000,000 in donations. JAINA 2016 Calendar is developed in NY, Indore & Bombay and printed in USA. It will be distributed to over 15,000 Families in North America and other parts of the World.


  • The Goal was to have a Calendar that could be freely distributed to all the JAINA Members through-out North America.
  • The JAINA Calendar Committee and its Projects had to be self-sufficient in terms of Funding.
  • To Expose the JAINA Members of all age groups to the religious, cultural & historical heritage of the Jains.
  • Aid the JAINA Members to see activities that JAINA, Local Jain Centers, and JAINA Committees were engaged in.
  • Brand JAINA in the minds of the recipients as an organization that was working for them and to enhance the image of JAINA.


Jaina Calendar Production Process Involves Multiple Functions and Expertise: The JAINA Calendar Committee is comprised of about 10 volunteers. Each JAINA Calendar takes about 4 months to produce and involves over 15 people in 5 cities and over 1,500 Man-Hours.

New York Team > Design, Layout & Copy Write of Calendar, Proofreading, Selection of Temples, Temple Write-up, Side Pictorials & Sayings, JAINA Write-up & Committees, JAIN Centers & Presidents, JAINA Calendar Mass & Response Letters, Calendar Sponsors, Fund Raising & Donation Collections.

Indore & Bombay Team > Temple Photography, Digital Corrections & Enhancements, Design, Layout & Copy Write, Dates & Tithi’s, Temple Write-up, Proofreading of JAINA Calendar, India Distribution Lists.

JAINA HQ & Mailing House Team > JAINA Lists for JAINA Write-up, JAINA Committees, JAIN Centers & Presidents, Outsourcing of Mailing & Distribution of the JAINA Calendars.

To fund the free distribution of the annual JAINA Calendar, we have many Donors like yourselves, that donate anywhere from $21 - $501 dollars, as well as our Calendar Sponsors that donate $1,001 - $2,501 per year. Many companies also match your Gift Donations made to Non-Profits.

100% of your donations are used to fund non-profit projects and activities of JAINA Calendar Committee - no funds are used for volunteers’ time or travel expenses.

Jai Jinendra!
Rajeev Pandya
JAINA Calendar Committee